Some activities in Delhi/NCR




A brand-new hospital offering multi-specialty care for labourers and their families working in the various construction projects in Gurugram. It is in the process of being expanded into a 100-bed super specialty hospital providing exceptional health care to everyone. The center has conducted several free health camps in the villages of Gurugram district, which has benefited many. The center also has special payment plans for the economically weaker sector.

Is an organization founded to safeguard the rights of minorities, especially Christians, and promote community awareness, safety and cooperation. In cooperation with other organizations, it conducts blanket giveaways, cemetery clean-ups, education and assisting poor students to obtain scholarships. It has been active for more than 25 years. 

A charitable arm of the Baptist Missionary Society of Britain. They operate worldwide, mostly in vocational training. Recently they taught 15 poor women or widows how to design, tailor and sew clothing and then donated the pedal operated sewing machines to them to start a business. At last audit, all of them are earning a living and their lives have completely changed.

AASHALATA Victoria Wilkinson Memorial Charitable Trust    

LPCEF Leprosy Patients Children’s Education 

Ashish Centre

 NSF has fully financed the construction of a new wing that shall host a middle school at the Aashalata VWM Charitable Trust Primary School. The school has a 300 strong student body all of whom belong to the slum colony where the school was established on the outskirts of the capital city. NSF has also paid the salaries of teachers and support staff to enable the Trust to provide a quality education to slum children.              

Leprosy Patients Children’s Education Fund project. an organisation that utilises its funds for the education of the emotionally and financially disadvantaged children of Leprosy victims, and provides them with an equal opportunity to education and vocational training, to enable them to fully integrate into mainstream society as normal individuals.

NSF is sponsoring AFDA, Ashish Foundation for Differently Abled, a non-profit organisation established in 2007, for creating awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nora Solomon Foundation is funding AFDA for conducting Parent Awareness Programs, Panel Parental Group Counseling sessions and a training program for producing “Master Trainers”, who will be qualified to train volunteers and Special Educators.

Action for Autism

PORDAC Protection Of the Rights Of Differently Abled Children

Baptist Church Trust Association (BCTA)

(AFA) founded in 1991, is the pioneering, national and non-profit organisation which provides support and services to persons with autism in South Asia. NSF is funding the Action For Autism “Parent Counseling” programs and “Train the Trainer” program conducted at their center, in order to guide and counsel parents and families of persons with Autism as well as produce efficient and skilled trainers to bridge the vast gap between supply and demand.

NSF has committed the use of its space (23,000 sqft) in Vasant Kunj without levying rent or license fees to this organization. Also, true to its philanthropic commitment, NSF at its own behest, renovated and designed the school to render it suitable to the needs of the special needs students. NSF is helping parents of specially abled children address and conquer denial and depression associated with families of special children. Thus, NSF is funding the salary of counselors at PORDAC for parents and other family members to provide them the necessary counseling and support. NSF in collaboration with PORDAC has initiated a vocational training program in order to impart different skills to their children that shall enable and prepare them for a vocation.

Is a pan India organization that runs schools, hospitals and community outreach programs. The founding, and parent organization is the Baptist Missionary Society, England, which has been active in India since 1792 under William Carey. He translated and printed the bible into 17 Indian languages and founded Serampore College in 1818. It was the first college to educate women in Asia.

SCORE Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Society of India

Winter Blanket Drives

Founded in 2002, by George Abraham, they have been working with and inspiring people with visual impairment to lead independent lives. They seek to sensitize, educate and empower individuals with blindness or visual impairment. NSF provides funding to SCORE in its endeavor to provide the tools and necessary support to the visually impaired and their families.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of India offers a variety of programmes and services to help people affected by this disease of the central nervous system and their families. They provide preventive, curative, promotional or rehabilitive services in a systematic way to hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals working with the MS community. NSF provides funding for activities that promote awareness and benefits for the benefit of MS patients.

Every year, before the advent of cold chilling winter, NSF distributes warm blankets to hundreds of its Labourers at its various construction sites and to the poor in slum areas and streets directly through volunteers. It also partners with individuals and organisations like the United Christian Action, Christian Social Service, Kolkata, Ashalata Victoria Wilkinson Trust, Ashraya (home for unwanted women), Farukh Nagar, Gurgaon, Snehadham (home for destitute women) for such distribution in various states of India. Partner organizations, both in Delhi and in Kolkata contribute to this effort every year.. In 2019 NSF bought and handed out over 3,000 high quality blankets to the poor and needy.


Free Dispensary in Delhi slum area

Schooling and Rent payments

NSF has, over the last decade, consistently partnered with SAMADHAN, an NGO that is working at raising awareness of intellectual disability, advocacy in local mainstream schools, therapy, special education and early intervention. Their emphasis is on inclusive education. We continue to make financial contributions to their various initiatives.

For years NSF has provided free medications to slum dwellers in Delhi. The stocks are provided by one of the Solomon family members whose pharmaceutical company manufactures them, thus ensuring that all medicines are up to date and no expired medications are given

NSF has, over the years, identified orphans, abused children and differently abled persons and has assisted them with schooling, tuition and rental payments for those in dire circumstances.