Supported schools coping with lockdown

Nora Solomon Foundation supports 5 schools in the remote mountain regions of Uttarakhand. To try to minimize disruption to their student’s education and to keep them current, they have undertaken the following:

1. For those parents with some internet connectivity, assignments are posted to WhatsApp groups and followed up on by the responsible teacher individually.
2. For those with no connectivity, the responsible teacher prints a month’s worth of lesson plans and delivers it personally to the student’s home. They also follow up on a weekly basis to make sure the assignments are completed properly.
3. Proper hygiene and social distancing norms are taught and followed to ensure there is no spread of Covid 19, both to the students and their families.
4. Schools are avaiable to visit if a student wants to schedule extra help during Lockdown, but proper procedures are being followed.
5. All schools are sanitized properly on a schedule since the virus can linger up to 2 weeks on some surfaces and re-contamination is a concern.