Some activities in Uttrakhand



Kinderhilfswerk (Children Help Work)

Operates hospitals across India and their primary tenet is to assist the communities that they serve by providing health services to those most in need. We work within different programs that they sponsor and render financial assistance to their efforts which dovetail with our aims.

Sampan is a community development program which oversees a group of four English Medium schools scattered across very remote mountain areas of Uttarakhand. We support salaries for their teachers. They offer a high standard of schooling to remote villages at no, or very low cost and seek to improve the quality of life of their students irrespective of their caste, religion or social status. The organization is 8 years old now and its founder and primary advisor is Dr. Nathan Grills, of the University of Melbourne, Australia, who has conducted seminal work in the field and is co-author of a manual “Setting up Community Health and Development Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings” which is widely used in Asia.

Is a German sponsored organization that offers schooling for orphans and poor local villagers and operates outreach programs in conjunction with Lehman Hospital and members of the CHGN-UKC. They have been instrumental in finding and staging Special Education Teachers for the mountain villages operating under Emmanuel Hospital Association and the associated Samvedna organization of Landour Community Hospital, with whom we are working.

Community Health Global Network, Uttarakhand Cluster

Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK)

Toon Masti

Community Health Global Network, Uttarakhand cluster. We provided funding for a drive to give 193 wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and hand grippers to 288 people, 97 of them children. They came from four states for this and transport was provided. We continue to cooperate with and sponsor activities of this organization since they have a broad reach and our aims are the same.

We have paid the salaries of teachers in 15 of their schools, 963 students, for 6 years, and we are encouraged to use their schools as base points for mountain village outreach programs. We recently funded the building of two Senior Primary Schools in Jangheri and Miyani, which are fully certified and operational now. We also use these schools for health camps conducted periodically by HIMAID.

A CBSE certified, cartoon-based course from Nursery through Class 5 in Math and Social Science. Ernst and Young Foundation donated the program to us 7 years ago and we were the first in North India to use it in the schools we sponsor. Now 3.8 million students are using it in North India, but we were the first.

Uttrakhand Flood Relief, Kashmir floods and Nepal Earthquake

Raphael Ryder Cheshire Centre


NSF and Baptist Church Trust Association donated two large truckloads of building supplies, emergency lighting, and medical supplies which RLEK made sure reached the remote villages in Uttarakhand. After the flooding, many privateers made money with donated supplies, we made sure that the villagers received them, thumb printed the receipt and had it counter signed by the Pradhan. When we aided the Nepali and Kashmiri victims, we used a similar procedure to ensure that aid reached the ones who needed it most. We also sponsor medicines and a refugee camp through BCTA in Kashmir.

A school and training centre for Special Educators and Physio Therapists who work with differently abled children and adults. We have hired three physio therapists to travel among the various community centres of Samvedna and teach the caregivers of differently abled children how to improve the health, mobility and lives of their charges. Their progress and improvements are tracked and reported to make sure we are doing it properly and properly aiding them.

An effort of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, with whom we have worked for 6 years in providing funding for physiotherapists. This is the organization that works with the three physios that we hired, and they use Samvedna’s outreach centres to reach their families. 

Azim Premji Foundation


George Huhn

NSF is the only non-governmental organization that they have ever worked with. We set up libraries in 15 schools using books donated by the organization. They also ran semi-annual advanced teacher training courses for us for 47 village teachers and helped them to obtain their required B.Ed. degrees in order to meet state requirements.

NSF helped found this organization, which is composed of a group of retired and active civilian and Indian Army doctors, some operating their own practices, that conduct health camps in remote areas of Uttarakhand. They come from various specialties and Nora Solomon Foundation financially supports the cost of the medicines that they dispense during their health camps.

Founder of DATAMACHINES and a scientist, recently donated his software to be used to evaluate projects using a patented method he invented. He previously worked with DuPont-Merck on anti-aging compounds and was a consultant world-wide for large corporations but is now actively retired.

Dr. Purvesh Khatri

Matli Clinic and Women's Health Centre

Hamara Centre

Dr. Khatri is a world-renowned TB expert who operates his own large lab at Stanford University. We are currently working with him to try to implement his patented TB test system in India, which uses a blood sample, not sputum, to verify the existence of antibodies to TB in a patient’s bloodstream and can do so in 30 minutes. It currently meets WHO standards for accuracy and low false positive rates. This is a long-term project, in only the initial phase so far, but we may use our village populations for testing, education and prevention, since Uttarakhand has the highest rate of TB per population in India. Something few people are aware of.

Operated by Dr. Dewayne Niebur and his wife, JoAnn, they provide quality health care to a significantly underserved population. JoAnn is a Registered Nurse and Midwife as well as being trained in cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment by AIMMS, Delhi.

Jonathan Singh and his volunteers operate this centre for differently abled children. They come from poor farming communities outside Roorkie and the centre provides its own transport taxi to take them back and forth. NSF has provided therapy tools, desks, yoga balls and the like to help the children properly exercise.